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  1. I would like to limit the levels to earn XP from a certain monster. For example, a spider of Gomi v3 (ID 2075) can only give XP for players between level 75 and 85. I have source and use 40k. How can i do that?
  2. Ok... I've tried more one time. Checking ALL spteps twice before compile. I've tried on client (with a gm and with a normal player) : Buy/Sell on npc. Drop gold on floor. Pick gold on floor. Trade with player. Buy on player shop. use command /set. Kill mob and receive gold. ALL this give me the error ZERO GOLD. It's like if i change the gold, i have bug If i goes to DB and on table Player set gold to 10000000000, when i reboot and log on my char, i will have 10000000000, but when i do anything, they goes to ZERO. But on db remains 10000000000, and if i relog, they back to 100000000
  3. Hi, i follow T4ump tutorial for increase gold limit. But i have a problem, when i buy something or kill a mob and receive a gold, my gold goes to 0. If make /set Name gold 100000 , my money goes to 0 too =/ How can i solve this?
  4. Hello , my serverfiles originally not had the alchemy of dragon activated. I searched the net and from other files I managed to activate . Everything works normal only have a problem ... When I equip a dragon stone it is as if nothing happened . I mean, they equip normal, but do not add bonus , although there the description of them is talking that has bonus , when I see in my character, the values remains the same. Ex: My HP is 10001 , if i equipe a stone who give 750 HP (On client was a text "Max HP: 750" ), when i open the char status windows (Press 'C'), i remain with 10001 HP =/
  5. Hi, I wanna to change the values of packets on my server, especially login and channels. The goal is to prevent another client can log into the server , even if the number of client version. On my clientside i know, i have to modify only the packets.h , right? But and on serverside??? What i need to do to change? Thanks for all who can help
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