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  1. Hi guys, After adding sash system, when i turn on client, client not starting Syserr: 0801 20:19:08567 :: Acce number 39871 is not exist.
  2. Hello, i need a clean source game and client. I'll find somewhere on this forum that?
  3. Hello, I have problem with id item in tooltip. self.AppendTextLine("id item: %s " % self.itemVnum, self.SPECIAL_POSITIVE_COLOR) self.itemVnum - is with item_proto, i want with player.item (ID) how can I view the item id in the tooltip?
  4. I want to do command removing all discarded objects. How can I check the source all the objects lying on the ground and remove them? ACMD (do_clean_earth) { [......] ch->ChatPacket (CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Cleaning all object with earth."); }
  5. Hi, What i make bad? int len_global = snprintf(chatbuf_global, sizeof(chatbuf_global), "||H%s:13|h[PW]|h|r |cFFFFFF00|H|h%s|cFFA7FFD4|H|h [Lv.%d] : %s", ch->GetName(), ch->GetName(), my_level, buf); http://scr.hu/0wz91/omq2b
  6. I had just done. Still color is black.
  7. How to change color text on minimap? from black to yellow.
  8. Hi, Yesterday I took off limit gold. During exposure item in offline shop put up a store and item disappears from the store and I get the money for this item. What could be the reason?
  9. Please. http://wklej.org/id/2350778/
  10. Hello , what program can export the database to a .txt to throw into the FTP ?
  11. Hello guys, I have a problem with two errors, I do not know how to fix them. Please have any suggestions . My errors: SYSERR: Jan 30 01:22:15 :: GetPoint: POINT_ERROR: Reqix type 60 val 50 (max: -29064) SYSERR: Jan 30 01:22:19 :: GetPoint: POINT_ERROR: Reqix type 60 val 50 (max: 0) SYSERR: Jan 30 01:22:27 :: GetPoint: POINT_ERROR: Reqix type 60 val 50 (max: 0) SYSERR: Jan 30 01:22:38 :: SyncPosition: Too often SyncPosition Interval(0ms)(Skorpion Łucznik) from Name(CruQ) VICTIM(714301,472752) SYNC(714094,473046)
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