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  1. I try adding new npcs to my server, I tried like 5 different npcs now and none of them work, when I add the npc folder to the NPC packs, enter the vnum and the folder name and root, and add the queries both serverside and clientside. I get the error when game is loading. "LoadGameNPC() - ['vnum foldername']" the error message says that the problem is from root and tells the exact line?? but all I do is add the vnum and the foldername there, am I missing anything?
  2. Thank you so much! The root part is what I was missing.
  3. Can anyone link me to any tutorial on how to add NPC? I've searched literally everywhere and couldn't find. I download the npc files, but don't know what to do from there. If you don't know any tutorial, but you do know how to add, I'd really appreciate if you like just briefly tell me how. Just so I know where I need to start from. Thanks!
  4. what u mean add it? like download any source ? I don't understand xD
  5. I see tutorials on how about to get 4 inventory slots. They say that I have to open src folder by going /usr/src but when i open that folder its empty. can anyone tell me why?
  6. Hello, I had this quest in my quests folder, its just a bunch of NPC speeches + an npc that has like lottery u basically choose number 1-20 if u guess it it rewards u, so basically the speeches and everything was working previously, but after I translated, nothing works anymore (in this quest file). I guess while translating I deleted something important or so. So can you please tell me whats wrong with the quest? I searched line after line and compared to other working quests but i still couldn't find whats wrong with this one. Here is the quest: quest npc_talk begin stat
  7. I can now see the maps, but this won't work with a teleportation ring quest... any solution?
  8. I already did that, but the coordinates written there don't work. when I use them in teleportation ring, it does teleport me to the map, but to a bugged place, like on a hill or a mountain and then it kicks me. Lol
  9. Hey! There are lots of maps in my filezilla "maps" folder, but how do I know their coordinates so that I can check them out? Like for example blue kingdom map 1 is (969600,278400), How do I know for other maps?
  10. I'm kind of stuck here! Can anyone please tell me how do I make an item upgrade into another item (e.g from hwang to king) and how to change the upgrade requirements ?
  11. If I delete em all, it will just delete those unimportant quests like chaegirab's and hunts and stuff, it won't effect those that are important to the server like when u click storeroom guy or ?
  12. Hey! How do I completely remove some useless quests, like chaegirab's and stuff like that? I tried from filezilla usr/game/share/locale/hungary/quest but it doesn't seem to be working Any help?
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