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  1. Good idea - but I think it would be a better way to show a extra tooltip like your way but in this tooltip if you hover the item in inventory should be visible in green the difference of values when it is better and in red when the values are bad than the equipped so the people don’t have to check them self - this could be useful Maybe you find the idea good.
  2. JeeX

    Guild Storage

    Hey, im still looking for this system... im not able to run the public one if anyone is possible to make it work or have a guildstorage which is working, so please let me know. ty
  3. The code have not to be 1-1 like the offical one, but I usually wanted to use the Interface from offical with all the same functions that’s why I ask, if someone would recode it like his way and coding style and the Final system is like the offical one (same Interface and filters: (masktype/masksubtype, itemlevel, cheque&gold, and so on) and maybe the buy function in shopsearch - then this would be perfect ^^
  4. Hey, im looking for someone who is able to recode offical shop search i have the offical Python Files from Brazil root and uiscript i want to use the same like the Offi server im looking for someone, who is able to recode it only in c++ in theory it should read the shops in gamesource out from sql and send with packets to binary -> then sends to python - but python is still exist, so only c++ is missing, I also have pseudo codes from Binary. why this? I wanted to work with masktypes too and I like the extended Filter to get items, maybe the function to buy from shopsearch is also nice - but the public one, are not well coded... hope someone is contact me and wanted the job, I pay good. best regards.
  5. Looking for someone who could help with packet header mismatch pay for this.
  6. JeeX

    Guild Storage

    Did you know, is the bug in existing code or is there something missing, if you remember?! and it is usually in db Src? That would help me a lot to fix that thing ty
  7. JeeX

    Guild Storage

    You mean the one from TiRez?
  8. Hey guys, I’m searching for a guild storage (C++ Python) -> I don’t like Python only there is no workable Public, so I need for my project - I’m looking for a guild storage which you could put items and yang into it. best regards!
  9. No aggro-pulling when the monster is poisoned and you're dead and want to stand up again. maybe someone need this. in char_battle.cpp void CHARACTER::UpdateAggrPointEx(LPCHARACTER pAttacker, EDamageType type, int dam, CHARACTER::TBattleInfo & info) //this (last line): ChangeVictimByAggro(info.iAggro, pAttacker); //Change with this: if (type != DAMAGE_TYPE_POISON) ChangeVictimByAggro(info.iAggro, pAttacker);
  10. I could help you, I have a Update for transmutation too if you need. best regards!
  11. Something wrong in your uiinventory Highlight won’t work with acce check your python code
  12. Does anybody know this problem, this user doesn’t answer... i have the same problem now... hope anyone could help ty
  13. Very nice thank you! All other work fine, but there is something missing on "m_auraRefineEffect = m_GraphicThingInstance.AttachEffectByID(NULL, "Bip01 Spine2", pItemData->GetAuraEffectID(), NULL, 0, FALSE, pItemData->GetItemScale(byJob, bySex).z, &scalePos);" Could you maybe Paste AttachEffectByID changes there? Best regards!
  14. No Solution? hope anyone knows best regards.
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