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  1. In the upcoming release is there any chance that you provide a small guide or something about syncing the packets in the client with the ones at the serverside? Many people are struggling from this process and not all come successful.
  2. Hey guys, it's been a while... In my last visits to the forum I was dealing with an unknown-origin bug in my binary code. I'm referring to this: so I made a discovery about it and it turns out that the bug is caused by the Packet.h synchronization with the server source. I did a large amount of tests and reversings but I couldn't find the problem exactly. I was hoping a more experienced dev could shine a little light to this. This was the initial Packet.h file: https://pastebin.com/xtpfgJN3 And this is the modified one, where the headers are identical to the ones in game/src/pa
  3. That is an interesting bug and a very simple one (I believe at least), I don't know how i never thought of giving a try fixing it. I'm not gonna bother with it right now but if you need a place to start just follow the buttons (Body, Mental and Horse) back to their initialization, create a new button at the No-Skill state and modify the if statement that replaces the 2nd Skill group with the horse skills, shouldn't be too hard I believe.
  4. That gives me an idea! If someone knows the name of the colored effect that fires on skill activation (not the skill's affect itself) just the effect around the player, we can exclude it from being executed during __EffectContainer_Destroy.
  5. Well I did some bug fixes and performance improvements like Reversed functions and Race height but I didn't install any systems.
  6. They are... I added the header name to loading phase as well, didn't change anything. I believe there is something to do with the VID because this variable is mentioned everywhere even on the header (HEADER_GC_MOTION), but I don't know where to look for wrong code. This happens when the character is teleported to OX map, Demon tower (1st floor), etc, but the strange thing is that if I add the C1 map to Channel 99 it works normal. I think the VID is initialized wrong somewhere, with that info here is there anything coming in mind about where to start looking? Thanks for responding.
  7. I'm having a problem every time I'm teleporting to Channel 99. More in images below: I really don't know what's wrong here. I'm getting this syserr on client-side: 0202 14:34:33270 :: CRaceManager::GetRaceDataPointer: cannot load data by dwRaceIndex 261 0202 14:34:33270 :: CPythonCharacterManager::CreateInstance VID[16908316] Race[261] 0202 14:34:33270 :: CRaceManager::GetRaceDataPointer: cannot load data by dwRaceIndex 32768 0202 14:34:33270 :: CPythonCharacterManager::CreateInstance VID[34479121] Race[32768] 0202 14:34:33270 :: CPythonSafeBox::DelMallItemData(dwSlotIndex=9) - S
  8. I will bring back this post from the dead after 5 years, since I found the holy SDK myself. It's been 2 months now since I've been thinking seriously about this project's development and I've learned so much. Unfortunatelly, not enough to implement this version. I compiled the .lib and .dll files and I started conversion but I haven't managed anything big yet, functions are so different and of course 1 include -> 6 folders of includes is a big difference, especially when there is nothing to compare. Would be nice to see a tut on this here
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