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  1. Check change BOX_VISIBLE_LINE_COUNT from 5 to 14 in PythonEventManager.h
  2. reupload https://krakenfiles.com/view/a2ab769dc9/file.html
  3. Hey! i have this tutorial https://pastebin.com/pkfwyESU and i want create time limit for opening chests but... i don't know where i can put this. Someone can help?
  4. net.SetServerInfo("Server, Channel: %d" % channel)
  5. Good but can you move sort buttons for chat window (Enter) ?
  6. https://pastebin.com/e2LtQPKx
  7. Hey, i have a little problem with mount, when i attack monster by mount my client get freeze and crashes. Hmm.. only mounts from this list gave client crash: wklej.to/V1a2k
  8. check file adress in Setting.txt in map..
  9. you have a texture file in textureset ? or textures in Terrain ?
  10. i write you propositions on mail, you read it?
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