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  1. Serious man, there are a lot of tutorial on internet. Just Search
  2. Can you check this packet? 144 121 194 221 And when it appears?
  3. Hi guys. The game core sends different login result to the server for password wrong and user id not found. Just one example it's possibile to test with sending packets 9 accounts per second. Affects: Every game core Fix: Search for this in input_db.cpp: case HEADER_DG_LOGIN_NOT_EXIST: LoginFailure(DESC_MANAGER:.instance().FindByHandle(m_dwHandle), "NOID"); break; case HEADER_DG_LOGIN_WRONG_PASSWD: LoginFailure(DESC_MANAGER:.instance().FindByHandle(m_dwHandle), "WRONGPWD"); break; and replace the WRONGPWD with NOID. So you bloc
  4. If you change game, it's work?
  5. Add me on skype. You can look my contact on my website www.en.slimeservice.com
  6. Client can't load effect because You have pack eix/epk with different lzo
  7. Arves shh ahaha We can't help you if you don't share new errors..
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