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  1. Wtf with this forum, all good new stuff today. Simple code, i like it
  2. I like it, awesome project. Not for me, but i like your professionalism.
  3. I dont agree with "all the functions". Can you show confirmation of your words? article or sth?
  4. No. You dont understand or "know nothing". Leak source code doesn't matter, please check for example reverse engineering in google
  5. wtf? I dont have problem, beacuse i dont use this shit, just this code is useless in reality
  6. XDDD Edit exe with notepad and your pro algorithm wont work I dont know which piece of code is the best 1. while with "if (strcmp(me32.szModule, "m2bob.dll") == 0)" 2. if (cExeFile[0] == 'c' && cExeFile[1] == 'h' && cExeFile[2] == 'e' && cExeFile[3] == 'a' && cExeFile[4] == 't') { TraceError("Cheat: %s detect!!! Close Process and continue!!!", cExeFile); vKillProcess(APP_PROCESS); return; }
  7. Changes directly on db in quest lua, KEKW of course, recommended by pro developer..
  8. Yeah, you fixed and you fucked up like Ymir xD What is it 0 or 3? Replace this number to JOB_*/JOB_MAX or better refactor this code and never will happen again
  9. why did you write such an ugly FormatMoneyToK method? :< anyway, nice idea
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