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  1. Hello community! I need to know where in game source I can find function who add sometimes random attribute to item when this item drop from mobs. Thats all what I need, thanks if u help me.
  2. Hello... Does anyone have converter from TXT item_proto to sql proto in db? I really need this... Please, help me!
  3. Own doing (the improved less wear) can be reduced further? r 120 82 1 1 0 0 60s 100 1 700 After changing from 10 × 10 to 1 × 1 the same thing happens.
  4. Hello, is there a way to block the monsters coming through the walls?
  5. If I have syserr I can repair by yourself... I said my problem in first post, maybe someone had this same.
  6. Hello, I have one problem. When I open my client I can't use Mouse's right button - I can't use items / equip them. But when I relog or restart server->login to game all work... And again, I close->open client and doesn't work. PS. I haven't got any syserr! Does anyone can help me!?
  7. Hello community! I've one problem... I have some system.. In my client all works, but in my friend's client syserr give us: kolorDialog.LoadDialog - <type 'exceptions.KeyError'>:'window' this fragment in gui looks: def LoadDialog(self): try: pyScrLoader = ui.PythonScriptLoader() pyScrLoader.LoadScriptFile(self, "ulepki.py") except Exception, msg: (type, msg, tb)=sys.exc_info() dbg.TraceError("kolorDialog.LoadDialog - %s:%s" % (type, msg)) app.Abort() return 0 Some propositions? (fille ulepki is in root)
  8. Hmm, oke. I have one answer. I will write to you on PW.
  9. Hmm, nice to hear it. Then... Maybe you have other fixes? For HP jumps after use skills/use mount... Or others fixes on party's bug (if someone are)?? PS: You are using mainline_sg?
  10. This is on bug with party on dungeons. When you have party and exit dunegon game sometimes crashes. Or if you joined to dungeon in party, party was removed.
  11. What do you think about this: Party.cpp: - Search P2PJoin and delete this: if (m_pkDungeon) { m_pkDungeon->QuitParty(this); } ?? I must repair this fucking game crashes...
  12. Hi community! Have you any fixes on dungeons? As i know, dungeons have more bugs. With party, quests and others... Can you help me?
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