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  1. show me where i asked you ever for free help? why are you lying? I wrote you on this board if you can add me a scrollbar and i will pay you something for it. You gave me your okey so i addet you on skype. I told you that i use the base of the file i gave you from a infoboard on epvp? But i did all changes by my self to a little teleport system. If you compare them with each other you should see that its not the same. The code is completly different. so please stop lying and dont tell me that the file i gave is somewhere else public. its just the base (background) i took from this info board. So show me where the "teleport map gui" like you said is public. if youre right, I'll take everything back. i will not discuss here. I can proof everything what i wrote to you. Never want something for free. Of course, you do not have to do it for me. and I have no problem with you. The only thing i didnt understand is, if you have no time, why you give me your okay and took my file? Why didnt you tell me before you took the file, you have actually not much time. Maybe its for you a code of 5min, But for me, who can not code, it was a work of 1-2days. Be careful with this guy!
  2. i askes him, if he can add me a scrollbar function to my pthon file and i will pay him for it. He told me he will do it, but after i send him my file i never get a answer back from him. Now he has my file for nothing? It was nothing complicated only a little board with images and buttons in my file for a teleport system. But this is not okay what he did. I think he just wanted to take the file, iam not sure?
  3. Good Service. He helped me with a problem in c++
  4. if you need just need the lightning effect here is a tut: http://board.metin2downloads.info/index.php?thread/810-how-2-115er-rüstungen-mit-blitzeffekt/&postID=7080#post7080
  5. Hi Vegas, thank for the quest and the functions. But there is one problem. When u use the VIP Item, all works fine, u get the Bonus and the logo, but if the time is expired the bonus will be removed but the logo is still there. But the entry in common>gm_list is removed to. €dit After a reboot the logo will removed to. Is there any possibility to remove the logo without a reboot?
  6. Can someone give me the function of: -item2_get_attr -item2_set_attr And tell me where i have to add this in the source
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