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  1. if you need just need the lightning effect here is a tut: http://board.metin2downloads.info/index.php?thread/810-how-2-115er-rüstungen-mit-blitzeffekt/&postID=7080#post7080
  2. Hi Vegas, thank for the quest and the functions. But there is one problem. When u use the VIP Item, all works fine, u get the Bonus and the logo, but if the time is expired the bonus will be removed but the logo is still there. But the entry in common>gm_list is removed to. €dit After a reboot the logo will removed to. Is there any possibility to remove the logo without a reboot?
  3. Can someone give me the function of: -item2_get_attr -item2_set_attr And tell me where i have to add this in the source
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