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  1. Hey, i have similiar problem.. what about when i have NO_TXT=0 there, but it still doesnt use txt files ?
  2. there isnt lag, im not stupid
  3. Can someone help me with this ? http://g.recordit.co/SlIz5NszHb.gif
  4. i dont care about questionmarks, just shop doesnt open with item for 2kkk... this is problem
  5. Hey, can someone help me with this ? http://g.recordit.co/DRYM7v4P6N.gif
  6. What can be wrong in mob_proto ?
  7. Hey, im looking for someone who can fix my error with costume mount system PM me ill pay paypal http://recordit.co/3pWxAzJsss This is problem Profik
  8. same problem here, anyone with fix ?
  9. Hi i have problem with costume mounts system, i controlled codes more times, so problem is ... i think in quest, just look at gif http://recordit.co/3pWxAzJsss Thanks! Profik
  10. Hey, when i equip mount, i need to wait 1-3 sec delay when im sitting off same delay, wheres problem ? http://recordit.co/3pWxAzJsss @enzi profik
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