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  1. Cleaner, only downside is, if someone for unknow reason will have for example socket3 set to 0 and socket4 to 11 loop in CHARACTER::DoRefine will use value frome socket3 as material vnum which is 0. Summarazing don't do a mess and you are good to go
  2. Fix allow you to use vnum4 in refine_proto Explanation: By default refine materials are beign loaded until vnumx == 0, but if you assign item to the last socket, material_count will never be assigned. As a result material_count will remain 0, despite 5 material items being set. Adding simple additional check solves this problem Open db/ClientManagerBoot.cpp replace for (int i = 0; i < REFINE_MATERIAL_MAX_NUM; i++) { str_to_number(prt->materials[i].vnum, data[col++]); str_to_number(prt->materials[i].count, data[col++]); if (prt->material
  3. Graph shows revenue ONLY from metin2, you can go through webzen financial reports ans see how much money they make from games like MU Gameforge does not disclose how much money they make from each game, so we will never know how much money in total metin2 generates ?
  4. below graph shows how much webzen makes money of this "dead game" called metin2
  5. CCI * pkCCI = P2P_MANAGER::instance().Find(nickname); you can find how to use that in source by searching code above
  6. if you open solution in newer visual studio it will be converted to newer version, however there will be some errors during compilation, but they are easy to fix if you have knowlage of c++ xd
  7. i'm using v141 toolset without any problems
  8. There is no simple answer, on my server we are using packer written from scratch with new encryption method and other compression algorithms like lizard, lz4hc
  9. mayby you should learn first how to read gdb output
  10. probably you are running some queries without index you have to enable log_queries_not_using_indexes in my.cnf to see where is the problem
  11. From what i remember this issue is related to broken server_attr, core go down when player walk into broken part of the map
  12. add log-queries-not-using-indexes to my.cnf and run mysqltuner on server
  13. Is this the reason why some servers are now offline ? ^.^
  14. SECTREE_MANAGER::instance().PurgeMonstersInMap(ch->GetMapIndex());
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