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  1. FreeBSD 11 doesn't have gcc49, you should upgrade to gcc6 or 7 or 8.
  2. Actually, i have all of them, anyone does, so, you're still geh
  3. if (pch && pch->IsPC()) ch->GetParty()->SummonToLeader(pch->GetPlayerID());
  4. Wtf, don't remove improved packets, unless you re-write the whole network.
  5. void CHARACTER::GemShopBuy(BYTE bPos) { if (bPos >= GEM_SLOTS_MAX_NUM){ ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("[Gaya] Slot overflow.")); return; } DWORD dwVnum = CShopManager::instance().GemShopGetVnumById(m_gemItems[bPos].bItemId); BYTE bCount = CShopManager::instance().GemShopGetCountById(m_gemItems[bPos].bItemId); DWORD dwPrice = CShopManager::instance().GemShopGetPriceById(m_gemItems[bPos].bItemId); if (GetGem() < (int) dwPrice){ ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("[Gaya] Nu ai suficient Gaya.")); return; } if(m_gemItems[bPos].bSlotStatus == 1){ ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("[Gaya] Acest slot nu este deblocat.")); return; } LPITEM item = AutoGiveItem(dwVnum, bCount); if(item) PointChange(POINT_GEM, -dwPrice, false); RefreshGemShopItems(); }
  6. Why he would use libs, you can do this in game-source part with maximum 60 lines.
  7. Just try to replace my function with yours in dungeon.cpp ...
  8. Why while statement lol struct FWarpToPosition { long lMapIndex; long x; long y; FWarpToPosition(long lMapIndex, long x, long y) : lMapIndex(lMapIndex), x(x), y(y) {} void operator()(LPENTITY ent) { if (!ent->IsType(ENTITY_CHARACTER)) { return; } LPCHARACTER ch = (LPCHARACTER)ent; if (!ch->IsPC()) { return; } if (ch->GetMapIndex() == lMapIndex) { ch->Show(lMapIndex, x, y, 0); ch->Stop(); } else { BYTE RandomNumber = number(0, 15); ch->WarpSet(x + RandomNumber, y + RandomNumber, lMapIndex); } } };
  9. @VegaS Yes, we are aware of everything, i heard / see this with my eyes on aeldra server, everyone got a "test" but it's not enough, it's not a simple system or a difficulty one. Nothing it's hard in this days, everyone can learn the basics of c++, python etc, but we don't search people to "fix" bugs for us, we searching people to create custom systems on their source, not ours, optimize actual systems if it's needed. After it's completed they will join into a remote app and will install, yes, we know the remote apps are a pain in the ass and nobody want to use it, but in this point, we trust people, we are friendly staff, but we cannot risk someone to leak our private work.
  10. Or you can create ChangeRace and make it works
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