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  1. Polish, Portuguese languages and custom wallhack sensitivity are active.
  2. I have to reach 50 posts for create thread. You are just talking like you don't have a brain. If you want to do something, just do it and show us. Nobody has to see your stupid messages. Also you are acting like enemy. It means svside is bad for you, are you cheat user, cheat programmer or anti cheat seller?
  3. Read all posts in thread and if you cannot do anything, just shut up.
  4. svside system has reached 100+ active servers. Thanks to all our customers.
  5. Encrypted bot verify system is active! For install : svside | Install Bot Verify
  6. #Added list of current protections. #01.22.2017# Updated skype address.
  7. Some References Name Country Beyond to Metin2 Spain Zorai2 Spain Zodiaco2 Spain Metin2 Gaia Spain Regen2 Spain Forgotten World 2 Romania Metin2Mester Palestine MT2DW Saudi Arabia Nemesis2 Germany ILeria2 Germany NorthenLongju Italy MilasMt2 Turkey TekMetin2 Turkey M2-Hero Turkey Metin2Farm Turkey Osmanlı2 Turkey EremkaMt2 Turkey CenosMt2 Turkey MarkMt2 Turkey ElvanMt2 Turkey M2-Jones Turkey YenidenMetin2 Turkey Mester2 Turkey SportMt2 Turkey Metin2 Vip Turkey FonsMt2 Turkey WsMt2 Turkey OlivaMt2 Turkey WinterMt2 Turkey LovaMt2 Turkey EditsizPvp Turkey MiaMt2 Turkey GezegenMt2 Turkey 2016Mt2 Turkey MetinŞah Turkey HisarMt2 Turkey EkinoksMt2 Turkey RinaMt2 Turkey HanedanMt2 Turkey VogueMt2 Turkey MetinHard2 Turkey Protections New bot verify (not pm) Install in 3 minutes How to install svside?
  8. I saw but I have only this one, sorry.
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