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  1. I used dump_proto: 1210 15:10:05495 :: CPythonItem::LoadItemTable: invalid item_proto[locale/pl/item_proto] STRIDE[156] != sizeof(SItemTable) 1210 15:10:05495 :: LoadLocaleData - LoadItemProto(locale/pl/item_proto) Error 1210 15:10:06208 :: CSoundManager::PlayMusic - Failed to load stream sound : BGM/characterselect.mp3 1210 15:10:20890 :: CSoundManager::PlayMusic - Failed to load stream sound : BGM/enter_the_east.mp3 1210 15:10:20909 :: game.py(line:225) Open game.py(line:636) StartGame game.py(line:788) RefreshCharacter interfaceModule.py(line:568) RefreshCharacter ui
  2. When I'm compiling with item_names.txt and item_proto.txt inside folder Im getting this: https://scr.hu/77vepY When I'm compiling without item_names.txt Im getting error on ITEM_BEL, after KOLCZ SMOCZ POTOMKA is ITEM_BELT https://scr.hu/1M4rz9 help?
  3. Its 3gb bro, Maybe someone can upload this ;v
  4. Guys can you send me dump_proto original from src I need this to change item length name ;x TY
  5. Hello, I need working 40k packer/unpacker for item_proto, mob_proto
  6. @camalex thank you a lot my friend
  7. @z35 I need delete tax in other kingdom when I'm buying in shop.
  8. ... idk what's going on, I'm compiling game&db now and we will see. @z35 Give me code to shop.cpp and shop_manager.cpp about 3% tax
  9. 3% tax in other kingdom, yes
  10. @z35 It doesn't work ;/
  11. Hello. I have one question... How can I remove 3% tax on source?
  12. Ok ur game does not start. I had the same problem and I must create new virtual machine OK I have one more solution give me your game and we will see...
  13. type in console: killall db killall game or reboot virtual machine. EDIT: type in console: ps -x and give me screenshot
  14. If u want belt in main inv, convert from SQL to TXT and in TXT edit ITEM_NONE or something like this to ITEM_BELT.
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