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  1. Hi.. I searching for someone who can configurate my server from SQL to TXT.. I tried it by myslef but I have different table design and these free convertors etp.. doesnt work for me For better description: In first I need export my item/mob proto from Navicat to .txt and setup server for .txt reading.. I will pay Contact me here in post or PM
  2. Yeah, I deleted it But it do not fix my problem
  3. Hi.. I have a little problem with OfflineShop.. Sometimes when I create offlineshop, items which I selected to sell stays in invetory and when I teleport then its kick me out of game.. and when I login back items finally disappear from inventory... SYSERR: SYSERR: Oct 6 18:22:23.578664 :: DestroyItem: WTH! Invalid item owner. owner pointer : 0x446f2000 SYSERR: Oct 6 18:22:23.578801 :: DestroyItem: WTH! Invalid item owner. owner pointer : 0x446f2000 SYSERR: Oct 6 18:22:23.578921 :: DestroyItem: WTH! Invalid item owner. owner pointer : 0x446f2000 https://gyazo.com/93ed2e3b50b6d7a
  4. Hi.. Is there someone who can unpack these protos to .txt I tried it by myself but without success.. :/ DL Link:
  5. Hello. I got a problem with this.. All works fine but when i reboot server i got back 255lv from 300lv Know someone how to fix it ?
  6. Search in char_item.cpp Find this: and change it to this:
  7. Hello. I have problem with my server. After last reboot is something bad. When i choose character then kick me it back to login screen Sysser:
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