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  1. It depends i gues... in my case, it happends even in bosses, and every metin stone.
  2. Thanks, had a common problem adding a sistem while using common and DB, the syserr that compiling gives are not clear.. they are assuming that declares are missing in tables & item_lengts, but the thing is i have 2 servise files so only one was declared, now i added both of them and everyhting works fine, thanks! Gotta wear 2 payr of glasses i guessxD
  3. Hello, thanks for sharing, this problem is quite for a while and didn't found any fix for this! Again, thanks a lot! I am now adding it to the server. Edit: Works perfectly fine!
  4. Hi, those are maps from Aion Maybe he just convertet the maps to work in metin
  5. Hi, you have edited something in the soruce wich is wrong. In my case it was the -33k hp bug fix. Just use a gamefile backup. Good luck.
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