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  1. fixed problem was locale_string.txt %d was not having space after d it was like this: %dtexblblblaa need to be like this: %d textblblbla
  2. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hi guys, these work took for about 20 minutes to make but seems that players love it. It's just a small retouch for upgrade + so they can be seen wich one are with + and wich are not. And a retouch for stones (color of the stones) Stones +0, +1, +2 have black and white icons Stones +3 have normal color Stones +4 have enchanted color (usfeull for searching in shops) Download: Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/fi
  3. Thanks a lot for the release I love your releases are all working just well as expected.
  4. Wonderfull map with beautifull touch of design thank you for the release
  5. UP!, Im having the same problem, anyone can help?
  6. Hi! In questlua_horse.cpp add at the top: #include "arena.h" In arena.h add at the top: #include "char.h" The system works fine, i like it a lot, the only problem i occured in my test server is that if i have my horse summoned and i use the mount item, the server crashes, i don't know if its only me but you can test to see if you have this problem too, i have fixed the problem by doing the following: In MountSystem.cpp: // search for bool CMountActor::Mount(LPITEM mountItem) // look down for Unmount(); //and add above: if (m_pkOwner->Get
  7. up i have the same problem instead even auto-atack reset its self, any help ?:( EDIT: Found a solution... for me it should do it... info: i think auto-atack resseting problem was from some files i have put into the autopatcher as i noticed some .inf were there so i deleted them and now it seems to be ok for the help button i decided to hide it as i changed the character windows and i assume its from there the problem root/uigamebutton.py #search if 0 == player.GetPlayTime(): helpButton.Hide() else: helpButton.Show() #change to
  8. everything works like a charm the only thing is missing is A "delete" button, that would be nice and if i delete preffered its not generated again
  9. It depends i gues... in my case, it happends even in bosses, and every metin stone.
  10. Thanks, had a common problem adding a sistem while using common and DB, the syserr that compiling gives are not clear.. they are assuming that declares are missing in tables & item_lengts, but the thing is i have 2 servise files so only one was declared, now i added both of them and everyhting works fine, thanks! Gotta wear 2 payr of glasses i guessxD
  11. Hello, thanks for sharing, this problem is quite for a while and didn't found any fix for this! Again, thanks a lot! I am now adding it to the server. Edit: Works perfectly fine!
  12. Hi, those are maps from Aion Maybe he just convertet the maps to work in metin
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