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  1. guys can you please teach me with a guide HOW TO: block determinate items while "accepting a common duel fight" and auto-block if enabled BEFORE the duel elixiers ::::::::::::::::::::::::: please
  2. Hello guys i need someone pretty pretty good developing two quests 1 is about auto message NOTICE_ALL every x minuts , without using function that may cause a lower performance of the server 2 is about auto increase EXP and\or YANG and\or ITEM DROP rates by x% during X day of the week and FROM xx hour till xx hour plus adding a syschat personal , while the player will login during those events send me a PM, with your skype i pay with paypal, no problem.
  3. i was thinking kinda the same. But i m not capable to understand how to edit correctly to add count can someone show it to me? please unfortunatly i have no other exemples to take a look , and try to edit my problem. thats why i need help please
  4. Need help with this , please if i drop on the ground , for exemple 22x Red potion on the ground i see "Red Potion" i want to do "Red Potion x22"
  5. fixed close request
  6. up ds_aim thank you really much, but i also need to understand how to : -edit chance to get a fish while fishing -edit chance to get a clam from a fish ______ thanks ds_aim again to trying to help me, but i really do not understand how to change the probability for each\all fish and for the clam
  7. Hello i tried to search a solution all over the web but unfortunatly i have to ask help about those 2 files. WHAT am i looking for? - EDIT the chance to get a clam from a fish while opening it, as usually. - EDIT the chance to get a fish while fishing, as usually. sorry, if you believe it is easy, but i never changed anything regarding FISH stuff. so please if you know how to, help me.
  8. thanks i also need this . lua master level
  9. As request which file and which string should i have to edit to change the color of the TITLE of the name vnum x vnum y vnum z etc etc i was capable to change the item name if u MOUSE over it but not if the item is dropped actually we do see the title in White + ownership flag yellow i would like to change that for few items, i can also pay if its cheaper PM private
  10. guys i followed sanchez's guide *Trying to block OTHER GROUP MEMBER CAN PICKUP my items , if i am the owner, and if i have full inventory. also i would like to add a syschat (unable to pickup other player items, this item belong to ---read the name of the owner of item i m trying to pick up -.. ) _______ Just replace this in char_item.cpp: LPCHARACTER owner = funcFindOwnership.owner; With this: LPCHARACTER owner = funcFindOwnership.owner; // Owner does not exist, so don't allow to run remaining codes. if (!owner) return false; The next line of the code will set me as owner of the item if the owner is currently nobody. And sure, it's nobody because no one is the owner of the item from my group. but unfortunatly it didnt blocked the process
  11. Today after remove a single string 19 from item_proto.txt winscp side i get "error while connecting" that did NOT surprise me. so i put back the original item_proto.txt and surprise DB SYSEER ERROR: SYSERR: :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 20 SYSERR: :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 21 SYSERR: :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 22 SYSERR: :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 23 SYSERR: :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 24 i do not know how to fix that problem i just edited this thing from my winscp this morning and even after i put back the backup of it. i m still unable to login. i can even pay for the fix, if its something that require lot of time. ______________________ FIXED 19-03-2016 the problem was inside an old file with a missing string CLOSE REQUEST
  12. PROBLEM: UNABLE to upgrade over +2 any type of stone. test: /i 114400 EXCELLENT CLARITY \ DRAGON DIAMOND color \ +0 try to upgrade it till +2 , it works for me too. if i try +3 +4+5+6 ERROR: "The dragon stone has already reached the highest level" ______________ Please help me
  13. apologize for my limitate knowledge Where should i have to add this DEF ? i m sorry for the disturb
  14. Finally today i started playing around Common Drop Item .txt i understood lot of things but there are few i missed: ________ 1) 5th column value? what is his porpouse? 30 120 0.004 50600 100000 level min 30 level max 120 percentage drop 0.004% 50600 vnum of item 100000 ??????????????????????? WHAT IS IT? i tried to put 1 0 100 1000 i could not understand the difference. __________ 2) common drop item .txt is not affected by increasing decreasing of item DROP RATE right now i have 200% i made a test with an item 33% chance to drop it with 100 monsters i got around 30 items = which is the 33% almost. BUT WITH MY 200% item drop rate i should get LOOOOOT more 33% *200%drop rate = almost 99% am i right? ___________ please can someone help me to figure out the problems?
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