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  1. guys can you please teach me with a guide HOW TO: block determinate items while "accepting a common duel fight" and auto-block if enabled BEFORE the duel elixiers ::::::::::::::::::::::::: please
  2. Hello guys i need someone pretty pretty good developing two quests 1 is about auto message NOTICE_ALL every x minuts , without using function that may cause a lower performance of the server 2 is about auto increase EXP and\or YANG and\or ITEM DROP rates by x% during X day of the week and FROM xx hour till xx hour plus adding a syschat personal , while the player will login during those events send me a PM, with your skype i pay with paypal, no problem.
  3. i was thinking kinda the same. But i m not capable to understand how to edit correctly to add count can someone show it to me? please unfortunatly i have no other exemples to take a look , and try to edit my problem. thats why i need help please
  4. Need help with this , please if i drop on the ground , for exemple 22x Red potion on the ground i see "Red Potion" i want to do "Red Potion x22"
  5. up ds_aim thank you really much, but i also need to understand how to : -edit chance to get a fish while fishing -edit chance to get a clam from a fish ______ thanks ds_aim again to trying to help me, but i really do not understand how to change the probability for each\all fish and for the clam
  6. Hello i tried to search a solution all over the web but unfortunatly i have to ask help about those 2 files. WHAT am i looking for? - EDIT the chance to get a clam from a fish while opening it, as usually. - EDIT the chance to get a fish while fishing, as usually. sorry, if you believe it is easy, but i never changed anything regarding FISH stuff. so please if you know how to, help me.
  7. Mr.Oz J.

    Reward 2

    thanks i also need this . lua master level
  8. As request which file and which string should i have to edit to change the color of the TITLE of the name vnum x vnum y vnum z etc etc i was capable to change the item name if u MOUSE over it but not if the item is dropped actually we do see the title in White + ownership flag yellow i would like to change that for few items, i can also pay if its cheaper PM private
  9. guys i followed sanchez's guide *Trying to block OTHER GROUP MEMBER CAN PICKUP my items , if i am the owner, and if i have full inventory. also i would like to add a syschat (unable to pickup other player items, this item belong to ---read the name of the owner of item i m trying to pick up -.. ) _______ Just replace this in char_item.cpp: LPCHARACTER owner = funcFindOwnership.owner; With this: LPCHARACTER owner = funcFindOwnership.owner; // Owner does not exist, so don't allow to run remaining codes. if (!owner) return false; The next line of the code wi
  10. Today after remove a single string 19 from item_proto.txt winscp side i get "error while connecting" that did NOT surprise me. so i put back the original item_proto.txt and surprise DB SYSEER ERROR: SYSERR: :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 20 SYSERR: :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 21 SYSERR: :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 22 SYSERR: :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 23 SYSERR: :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 24 i do not know how to fix that problem i just edited this thing fr
  11. PROBLEM: UNABLE to upgrade over +2 any type of stone. test: /i 114400 EXCELLENT CLARITY \ DRAGON DIAMOND color \ +0 try to upgrade it till +2 , it works for me too. if i try +3 +4+5+6 ERROR: "The dragon stone has already reached the highest level" ______________ Please help me
  12. apologize for my limitate knowledge Where should i have to add this DEF ? i m sorry for the disturb
  13. Finally today i started playing around Common Drop Item .txt i understood lot of things but there are few i missed: ________ 1) 5th column value? what is his porpouse? 30 120 0.004 50600 100000 level min 30 level max 120 percentage drop 0.004% 50600 vnum of item 100000 ??????????????????????? WHAT IS IT? i tried to put 1 0 100 1000 i could not understand the difference. __________ 2) common drop item .txt is not affected by increasing decreasing of item DROP RATE right now i have 200% i made a test with an item 33% c
  14. Hello i was wondering if someone can be so nice to share with me the models FANGED GOLD HELMET AND SILVER FANGED GOLD COSTUME AND SILVER for lycan, i just need the models to add inside patch_pc3 i alreay have everything, but unfortunatly i m unable to extract them from official client....so i was looking if somone can share with me ________________ Second question how cna i do that? as u can see, i dont understand how can i add a permanent image in that slot? i would like to add like a logo, somethign like that.
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