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  1. Hi guys, I would like to know what are the best and most up to date files with client?
  2. Hello metin2dev, it's me again. I got the following error how you can see at the picture. I hope someone can help me. If you dont understand what my problem is, my problem is that the monsters doesnt have any hp how you can see at the picture and also all monsters and npcs moving but staying at the same place so the arent realy moving how you also can see at the picture. I hope you can understand what my problem is and forgive my horrible english.. syserr of the core1 from ch1: If you need some more information (like syserr's or whatever) tell me.
  3. Come on guys there must be a solution for it.
  4. Is there no way, to solve the problem? Because I already reinstalled my vps and searched a long time to find the error and solution for it. Also I had tried to take other files and mysql databases and also I've had tried to take another client but nothing seems to working. So please if somebody knows a solution, tell me. //btw.: Sorry for the double posting but I am realy need the solution.
  5. No when I look at the CONFIG of the auth-server it's player.account not account.account. And the other thing is the server was working few months ago and I've changed nothing. So I cant explain by myself why it wont work.
  6. Srsly, you trolling right? Have you ever readed just one post in this topic? The problem is I got this error msg although the id and the password are right.
  7. Okay, then I have to choose other files, are there any suggestions which one I could choose?
  8. Is there no one who knows a solution for this problem? Come on. I tried a lot but nothing seems to be working and I dont understand why..
  9. No I use this one. And by the way thanks to everyone here for your replies and attempts to help me. I hope we'll find the solution.
  10. I tried this hash but doesnt work. And no error msg. Does no one knows the solution for this ugly problem? :<
  11. Yes, it is. //edit: Thats very strange now I've tried completly different files and mysql database and he told me always that the username and password is incorret. But why?!
  12. Good morning dudes, I got the problem that if I try to connect to my server he tolds me always that my accountname and password are wrong, wether they are right. First I thought its a clientbased problem so I tried another client but the problem stays. After that I thought it is a serverside problem but I cant find anything and the 'syserr.txt' are empty to this problem. I've also tried to remove the files and setup it again but it changes nothing the problem stays. I hope you can understand what I am trying to telling you. Because my English arent the best. And if you need some more informati
  13. Hi dudes, I use the game & dbcache binaries (rev. 40250) but the thing is if I'm looking at the 'ver.txt' there is written the following content: emulated game server revision: 8029_dev Why there is the revision called as 8029_dev and not 40250 when I'm using it? //btw. Sorry for my horrible English! I hope you can understand it guys.
  14. I also have the same problem. So please, if somebody knows the solution for this problem, help us. Thanks! (The only difference between him and me is that I do not compiled the source. I use the game & db files from the start post (rev.: 40250)) And I tried already different clients but its the same problem..
  15. Ok thanks the link is working now but it doesnt solve my problem. So please if you can help, do it right now.
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