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  1. sometimes the design does not appear starts to appear again when I go to another map it fix ?
  2. when pressing item does not delete from inventory bug fix ? Gif ;
  3. How can I find booster directory?
  4. The game gives error with Visual Studio 2013 it gives me error while sending me to this resource Here's A Photo ;
  5. link to download the program, would you ?
  6. The error when I add the first quest in-game does not show the EP The error when I add the first quest in-game does not show the SS error : http://i.hizliresim.com/D4lzZZ.png <div id="inner-editor">Hata SS</div> İNGİLİZCE SS error
  7. I wonder what the problem is ? e Edit: Src code novaline
  8. I Want To Add Yang You See In The Photo In The System Language
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