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  1. Hey Dev's I am developing new system from client about Conditional graphic rendering but this case i need to get Global Variables like a Event flag .. But im stuck to get event flang from client-side there is a any way to get them ?
  2. if you are delete character from db this func will sys i was like you i think your map not offical and problem comes from your mapindex btw u can close this sys its will improve your server performance there is a sick loop for every account its mean 4x syser for each account try to login
  3. Hello dev, how can i add externs from my vs server source
  4. i did it !! from damage recv packet thank you
  5. now im thinking how am i suppose to do a wrapper
  6. I have an idea about Hp bar i need to know How i get Last damage taken from python it was like self.lastdamage = 0 how i can fill this var any idea ?
  7. i did it from game py self.ac.SetWhisperEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.interface.OpenWhisperDialog))
  8. hello i need to know how to use objects (forms) on interfacemodule.py like OpenWhisperDialogs() i tried but failed self.interface.OpenWhisperDialog("Nick") how i can call whisper dialog from asd.py Thanks for help
  9. thank its wont work because i was need your _socket.pyd vs vs but nvm i already fix it thx for caring me have a nice day
  10. download didnt started , can u upload to another place ?
  11. i fixed problem with using lib from python's 2.7.6 version and using urllib2 module but if you have working libs i can try with urllib module btw thanks for help
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