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  1. I'm getting you I'm just trying to find something that will work cause everything I've tried have either failed or succeeded only in a visual effect I want to actually make it work :S
  2. Looool xD poutsoxima1, poustoxima2 and goes on for all the variables then :PPP have you figured it out? How to make it totally work?
  3. NOOOOOOPE! Not that tut! That is what I did and my client was not running. For anyone that needs a good tut here is one http://metin2tech.de/topic/19-cyang-limit-erh%C3%B6hen/. Of course some parts from the hungarian tut are better (ex. you should do llPrice not dwPrice) and of course in the hungarian there are some more details on what you should change but for everyone who is about to go through this procedure I recommend the german one as a "core-tut" let's say it that way and as a secondary tut for completing incomplete parts to use the hungarian. And don't forget to change the python
  4. I tried... Anyway many ppl said that the tut I followed is not a good one so I'm looking for something better now
  5. Are there any tuts that can help me do it successfully?
  6. Hey guys I found this tut http://metin2hungary.net/index.php?topic=189507.0 and I did it. When I finally made it my client was not starting. So I went back to my bin and added these 2 lines to PythonUtils.cpp: and changed my uiCommon's function like this: So now client starts but when I login it crashes with this syserr: So what can I do now?
  7. Well I fixed it somehow differently but now I get this syserr
  8. I did that I do not have the same problem my problem is that I compiled everything but the game won't start... Here is my syserr: and my function in uiCommon.py:
  9. Hey guys I did this but when I started my client I got this syserr:
  10. Hello wow I'm seeing very good comments about your work. Unfortunately your images are down can you re-up so I can have a personal opinion? Also do you just sell designs or PHP code behind them?
  11. Dude I just fixed this problem you need to create a proto_dump.exe that supports new types and subtypes @xP3NG3Rx gives a good one in his tut. Also guys I tried the p3ng3r method and now my CHANGE_ATTR works but my RESET_ATTR is not doing anything. I just drag it on my costume and nothing happens. Anyone knows where should I look for typos?
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