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  1. http://prntscr.com/bvo9f5 Do you know what files on both of those folders (performance_schema and MySQL) change all the passwords? (because the files must have an password, and all the passwords from the account on db are empty. Or do you know how to change the password used by the game? thx serverinfo.py:
  2. Press F12, go console and enter this:
  3. syserr: No man, I just downloaded this and upload it right away, already compiled... I do not believe the problem is on the serverfiles it self, but maybe on the vps itself I guess... There was a tutorial on the youtube that shows a guy instaling the same files on a vps, and they work fine on him... And I followed step by step... Honestly, I don't have a clue why mine doesnt work and his work...
  4. *my ip* refused to connect. ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
  5. Auth: DB (it's a huge file, but it says all the same thing:): Client (empty): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ch1 what core? I have 5 :/ I tried the auth, it just downloads something called download... Thanks for your help, you both
  6. Hi there, I came here with a problem, I'm trying this for days and no results... Well, it's the first time I ever used an VPS to host some serverfiles, so maybe the problem is there, but here it is: I downloaded some files, and followed an tutorial about how to install them... I did every single step it asks on it... : This is on it's "start.sh", and there is the only place I can see that it could need my ip, so I already changed it (already checked CONFIG files on each core). Also, I've changed the serverinfo.py located on root files on client. All the IP that were there
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