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  1. Guys i have a big problem my self compiled game doesnt start at all, no syserr or syslog being generated also limit time is completely removed from my source. I've been trying for the 3rd day now i cant do anything to fix it. Please i need help
  2. I get this error "XML PARSER ERROR - EXPECTED <"
  3. Buy a very expensive dedicated server, that's the only way Protip: choose the most expensive one.
  4. I've been trying to install boost 1.59 on FreeBSD 10.x for more than 4 hours to no avail..i followed the instructions from here which simply say: The most reliable way to get a copy of Boost is to download a distribution from SourceForge: Download boost_1_59_0.tar.bz2. In the directory where you want to put the Boost installation, execute tar --bzip2 -xf /path/to/boost_1_59_0.tar.bz2I did that however the boost directory doesn't even create. What's the most proper way I can install the latest boost version?
  5. # gmake dep clean default Depend:11552: *** missing separator. Stop. I feel like i fcked up things.
  6. Are u sure that she changed to clang?.. and i was led down the garden path all this time?.... Ok, well...you convinced me! But I am using FreeBSD 10.2..please don't tell me ill have to downgrade or anything!!?? And ah, Its worth noting that im even getting an error with gmake clean..do you know this guy below? [email protected]:/usr/src/game/src # gmake clean Depend:11552: *** missing separator. Stop.
  7. Rlly :s after i finally installed it after 2+ days..well, vanilla core for instance has very good performance and it's compiled with gcc49 and even vanilla herself advises that we use gcc49 for compilation so i cant see where the problem is, according to ur emphasizing to NEVER use it. However im aware of the arguments surrounding this topic regarding the performance of the two and how Freebsd dropped the gcc49 in favor of clang. HELP.. when doing gmake clean Depend:11552: *** missing separator. Stop. [email protected]:/usr/src/game/src #
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