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  1. hello i am looking for the full unpacked Client of Rubinum Server2, preferably the last version. i will pay with btc or paypal contact, discord: divi#3066
  2. hi i'm looking for terabithia.pl primarily the unpacked client Price and Contact via PM on metin2dev @DiviDi greets
  3. Hey guys, i'm looking for someone who can create some Effects (Pet Shining / Level UP Effect). If you are interested, concact me via PM (my Skype is on my profile) Have a nice day.
  4. Hi. I'm looking for: - a Effect creator (for pet) Skype: look @ my profile have a nice day
  5. Look @ elitepvpers. there you can find the switchbot from mijago with a tutorial.
  6. Hey.. how can i fix this ? " stay still ..... " https://gyazo.com/32f2bf17d0e5d11760e20930e058d5ce i want all time to unmount / mount
  7. Hi, i'm looking for help, i have a little problem/bug with my effect in the binary. more via skype i give paypal. My Skype via Profile lg
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