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  1. The client starts but when I leave and look at the syserr when I get this error. What's the problem? 1217 17:46:11352 :: ResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: NOT SUPPORT FILE human_m_h16_leg_mi 1217 17:46:11353 :: ResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: NOT SUPPORT FILE human_m_face05_mi 1217 17:46:11353 :: ResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: NOT SUPPORT FILE human_m_hair07_mi 1217 17:54:30893 :: ResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: NOT SUPPORT FILE season1\npc\yejin\human_m_h16_leg_mi 1217 17:54:30893 :: ResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: NOT SUPPORT FILE season1\npc\yejin\h
  2. Good afternoon. I am trying to implement the multipoint system in status, and the following error is appearing to me at the time I receive the warning about exceeding or putting 0 points in the statuses, since I thank you for the help. Code: def ChooseCountPlusStat(self, statusKey): inputDialog = uiCommon.InputDialog() inputDialog.SetTitle(localeInfo.STATUS_BOX) inputDialog.SetMaxLength(2) inputDialog.SetNumberMode() inputDialog.SetFocus() inputDialog.SetAcceptEvent(lambda arg1=statusKey: self.ChooseCountPlusStatConfirm(arg1))
  3. Amazing. Thanks for sharing
  4. Nice. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Thank you for sharing Nice Boss.
  6. Good evening, this afternoon I went to test the refinement of Level, of the System of Dragon Stones, and it occurs to me that it always tells me success in refining, but it does not appear to me. I went to look at syserr, the following appears to me on the client: CPythonPlayer :: SetItemData (window_type: 5, dwSlotIndex = 1, itemIndex = 110010) - Failed to item data I've been browsing, and some topics say it's a problem with item_proto. Has anyone ever had something like this, and can you tell me if this error really comes from item_proto? Good evening to all, and tha
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