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  1. Hi, I have written a small Powershell script to show you how to translate your quests using Azure Cognitive Services. I decided to use the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, they have a free offer for 2.000.000 translated characters per month, which is enough to mess around for me. First thing you have to do is to create a free Microsoft Azure Account. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/free/ Then add a subscription to the Cognitive Services by searching for 'Translator' in the topmost search bar. https://prnt.sc/u9wurk
  2. @xP3NG3Rx there is a bug in your code. If a player drops a polymorph item (70104 for example) from the inventory, all players in render distance will be kicked and won't be able to login until the item de-spawns. Changes to fix this error: Client/UserInterface/PythonItem.cpp -> Search for funtion void CPythonItem::CreateItem //find: switch (pItemData->GetType()) { case CItemData::ITEM_TYPE_POLYMORPH: //replace/modify the whole case statement with/like this case CItemData::ITEM_TYPE_POLYMORPH: { const char* c_szTmp; CPythonNonPlayer& rkNonPlay
  3. Hi, as the topic says every ranged attacks and skills are invisible. I have no clue what the issue is and I'm really really stuck atm. The errorlogs clientside and serverside give no hints to my problem so I hoped that one of you guys can give me a solution. The problem is very urgent, so maybe we can talk about some sort of reward. Please write me a personal messages so we can share contact information. Kind regards
  4. No, it runs as smooth as it should
  5. Hi, I just started a new local Server and compiled the mainline_released source for DB, Game and Binary. I added 5 inventory pages and the weapon costume system. The Client I use is the 40250 Test Client. Now my problem is that I can't open the costume window. The button simply doesn't work. This is my locale_de inventorywindow.py The button looks like this Thanks for any help in advance.
  6. You can use python sockets. In that case your windows server is the server and the FreeBSD machine is the client. server.py and client.py are in the attachments since I am not allowed to post formatted texts in here .... server.py client.py
  7. Hi, i just finished setting up a local machine in VirtualBox running at I can connect via Navicat to the database and I am able to ping the server from the Windows command promt at my host. There is just one Problem... When I try to start the server with the bash-script start.sh it just starts the mysql-server, nothing else. There are no kind of logs to be found. Maybe I am getting something wrong in the bash script? #!/bin/sh cd /usr/home/Zyterios/Loginserver/Datenbank && ./db -I & sleep 1 cd /usr/home/Zyterios/Loginserver/Auth &
  8. Hi everyone, is there anyone out there who can help me with this error? A user of my server, which is still in the testing phase, told me that he has some troubles with attacking as a shaman. He told me that only the first hit deals damage. In an other topic there was a user with the same problem, but none of you could - or would - help him, so I'm asing for myself since the other topic is outdated. Sincerly, Sogma
  9. Hi, I'm looking for the address for the exp table in the vanilla 2.6 Core. Can anyone tell me please? Sincerly, Sogma
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