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  1. I need some help, i deleted by mistake the Germany folder from the serverfile. Thank god that i had a backup, so i replaced it.. i gave 777 permissions everywhere and then.. once i tried to turn on the server was stuck and keep repeating the check of " LocaleService bla bla/germany/locale_string.txt " I thought that should be a problem with the locale_string (always edited by sublime text 3), but the locale was completely fine. I really run out of ideas, in the logfiles i don't see any error from serverside... what can be ?
  2. i know it's been few years, but is there any chance anyone that have that files to re-upload them ? Or any new 2019 good protection methood for the client.
  3. Hi Folks! I've been searching everywhere on the internet, the old and original serverfiles by RAIN. The first release, most classic one. I already found a lot of different ones, with plenty backdoors and bugs which wouldn't exist on the original one. If anyone have the VDI files, please UPLOAD THEM AND POST THE LINK HERE. I bet a lot of people will be thankful for that! Thanks a lot...
  4. I know is been few years that this post was made, but for god's shake... if anyone have the original RAIN Files to make a server on vdi... PLEASE Upload them and send us the link!
  5. Hello guys i have a problem with permanent buffs, *up left* ... it's not getting on at new created accounts.. what i have to do? sf 34k
  6. I tried to search that problems, but i don't have ideea what can i do for that... also i've searched all around google and nothing found like that
  7. Hello! When i login to game, and play for 2 seconds about the client gets me out to login screen again and again.. this is the syserr 0909 15:44:16356 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(dwSlotIndex=47, itemIndex=31409) - Failed to item data 0909 15:44:16356 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(dwSlotIndex=37, itemIndex=31509) - Failed to item data 0909 15:44:16356 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(dwSlotIndex=43, itemIndex=31509) - Failed to item data 0909 15:44:16357 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(dwSlotIndex=31, itemIndex=31509) - Failed to item data 0909 15:44:16357 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(dwS
  8. Hello guys, i don't know why but i tried to decrypt some client files But the files had the extension .nto and .ria (zentia2 client) Well i changed it to .exe and .eix but eter nexus stopped working... Do anyone know a decrypter for .nto and .ria please ??
  9. Thank you guys! i'm gonna try this.. also i need a good protection for exploit.. i got bored of that
  10. Simple to say, hard to make it how could work 40k source on 34k sf? and how to disable what i don't want
  11. Hello! can a 34k server have a source? something like 40k or idk.. just for protection, i got bored to get exploit every 3-4 days! -.-
  12. Hello after 15-20minutes of playing my server goes off ... Here are syserr and syslog syslog DB -> Jul 21 00:04:56 :: [ 53000] return 0/0/0 async 0/0/0 Jul 21 00:05:01 :: [ 53050] return 0/0/0 async 0/0/0 SYSERR: Jul 21 00:05:04 :: pid_init: Start of pid: 1243 SYSERR: Jul 21 00:05:04 :: Start: TABLE_POSTFIX not configured use default Jul 21 00:05:04 :: connecting to MySQL server (player) Jul 21 00:05:04 :: CREATING DIRECT_SQL Jul 21 00:05:04 :: AsyncSQL: locale euckr Jul 21 00:05:04 :: CREATING MAIN_SQL Jul 21 00:05:04 :: AsyncSQL: locale euckr Jul 21 00:05:04 :: CRE
  13. ι need help to put the metin2server on Linux VPS ... Anyone what can help me ? I'm gonna pay for that..!
  14. I don't recommed eterhost. ON: Yes, sure. you can run metin2 on linux. You must to compile game and db on linux and you mustt port libthecore. and how i must to do it ? well i can't cancel my bought... Because i am in Greece and the only way i can pay it's with paysafecard. So i cannot pay in another country that's why i bought from here... please help!
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