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  1. It seems like all characters's methods are undefined in offlineshop_manager.cpp; You can try looking for the .cpp module where CHARACTER's methods are defined and including it in "offlineshop_manager.cpp". I can't check its name right now but it should be something like "char.cpp". In the offlineshop_manager.cpp's header add #include "char.cpp" [€dit]: I suggest you to examine all errors and warnings generated, like "this decimal constant is unsigned only in ISO C90" (add "u" suffix to all unsigned initializations) or other references error like the last one including t
  2. I think you should add oriental dictionaries to your editor; I don't use atom but usually you can do this in Tools»Language and the applications downloads itself what is needed or tells you how to do it. [€dit] I've also read about an Atom bug in the older versions, try downloading the Atom last version too
  3. Update ports first (type #portsnap fetch update); after you may try to make reinstall in per15.18-5.18.4_22 port doing so: move your self in the per15 directory (should be /usr/ports/lang/per15.18) and "make reinstall" to upgrade it. If it doesn't works, you can try to "make deinstall" on the per15 dir. and then to re-try to install mysql too.
  4. Ah, easier than I thought... I have read that from gcc11+ it was always allowed; apparently it was wrong. Thank you again, regards!
  5. Wow @.Devil., you're right! That's the error! Thank you! But I always wrote nested functions, why does not this works? (just for my knowledge, it works fine declaring the struct in the global scope) [Post scriptum: anyway thanks to @arves100 for his help too!]
  6. You can bypass adblocker only using different adds sources. You could check if the client loads URL containing the "adds" word and block it if don't loads, as many sites does.
  7. if map == 1 or map == 3 or map == 21 or map == 23 or map == 41 or map == 43 then local sub_set = 0 if pc.get_level() >= 10 then local CTRL = true while(CTRL) do sub_set = select("Údolí orků ", "Velká poušť ", "Ledová země ", "DALŠÍ OBLASTI ","ZRUŠIT ") if sub_set == 5 then return notice("Teleportér: Tak zatím nashledanou.") end if sub_set == 4 then say_titl
  8. Hello guys! To start I'd like to apologize for my bad english; sooner or later I'll improve it I'm not new to C++ but I never played much with metin2 server sources. Yesterday I was developing a little script in game/party.cpp, in the end of the function "void CParty::P2PJoin(DWORD)", where I need to store all party's Players ID. I get an error on a CParty method: "no matching function for call to 'CParty::ForEachOnlineMember(CParty::P2PJoin(DWORD)::FPartyPIDCollector&, long int)'"; It's like I wouldn't initialized that function but I already included the header "part
  9. Ok, this time the error is db.cpp: At global scope: db.cpp:142: error: redefinition of 'void DBManager::ReturnQuery(int, DWORD, void*, const char*, ...)' db.cpp:112: error: 'void DBManager::ReturnQuery(int, DWORD, void*, const char*, ...)' previously defined here db.cpp:162: error: redefinition of 'SQLMsg* DBManager::PopResult()' db.cpp:132: error: 'SQLMsg* DBManager::PopResult()' previously defined here so I was wrong supposing that the 2nd function name is "DBManager::ReturnQuery": But there is also another similiar error here: db.cpp:162: error: r
  10. As you can see, this time the error is in exchange.cpp; you used "victim" without declare it: "exchange.cpp: In constructor 'CExchange::CExchange(CHARACTER*)': exchange.cpp:121: error: 'victim' was not declared in this scope" [€dit]: "victim" used in 121th line
  11. So, you forgot the function names: { char szQuery[4096]; va_list args; va_start(args, c_pszFormat); vsnprintf(szQuery, sizeof(szQuery), c_pszFormat, args); va_end(args); m_sql.AsyncQuery(szQuery); } Should be "void DBManager::Query(const char * c_pszFormat, ...)". But I don't know which function is this: (should be "void DBManager::ReturnQuery(int iType, DWORD dwIdent, void * pvData, const char * c_pszFormat, ...)" but I'm not sure) { char szQuery[4096]; va_list args; va_start(args, c_pszFormat); vsnprintf(s
  12. Check your db.cpp at 95's and 116's line (you may share these lines with us); Probably you forgot two ";" or the function name O.o These are the 2 errors, both in "db.cpp": db.cpp: At global scope: db.cpp:95: error: expected unqualified-id before '{' token db.cpp: At global scope: db.cpp:116: error: expected unqualified-id before '{' token
  13. What's the last edit did on your server src?
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