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  1. Chek if the server uses txt files instead of sql. if not make sure you translate it both client side and server side!
  2. You do know those are icons only right ? Search the forums make your own very easy....
  3. npclist. but just so you know you have 3 diferent horses +same guild member
  4. Can someone explain to me what was so special about united ? Except that custom mall was over priced and a non donating players didn't stand a chance ?(it appears to me thats what actually players are into for )
  5. Atlas info root locale should be same and done aswell same about settings client/serverside.
  6. If theres not a file named like that sql navicat make sure you save and reboot after. but to see the price of the item you must update client side aswell.
  7. there should be in your config chek db folder if theres item_names.txt item_proto.txt and edit there if it is.
  8. Pets affect.remove in quest or use offical quest and you setup bonus trhought item_proto line and wont get buged. Armor shouldt make that bug dont know about that
  9. If your core uses txt files you need to update them there. if its sql make sure you save it and reboot .
  10. Hello, I would like to implement some new ore veins for a quest I`m doing. Could someone explain how od I need to add them, like a NPC or object ? And where do I configure that the mining animation needs to happen on click + the drop. Thank you
  11. Personaly i will recomend you this guy If you want to see more of his work https://www.facebook.com/wogmmorpg/?fref=ts Evrything map related here is his work. Good Luck,
  12. You need to run a quary for auto pickup.
  13. If you compiled that client with the source your npc2 went back to root.
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