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  1. Hi! I need official lycan patches from official metin2 client. Thanks!
  2. You can take it from etc.epk folder from oficial client. It is not crypted. Ro: Îl poți lua din etc.eix/epk din clientul oficial, nu este criptat din câte știu.
  3. UPP! Here are logininfo and serverinfo. TY! serverinfo.py intrologin.py
  4. Hi! I am using untouched sg files with 40k mainline source and client from this forum. My problem is when i open 2 or more channels, it shows "Online" only on ch1, rest of them shows "..." My ports are default ones: CH1 13000 (13001 core2, 13002 core3) CH2 13010 (13011 core2, 13012 core3) CH3 13020 (13021 core2, 13022 core3)
  5. Can you tell me where are these names in py?
  6. Hi. This is my syserr (Client) : I added a .wav file named ''맞기1.wav'' in 'sound/pc/shaman/general/' but no results. Hope you can help me. Thanks.
  7. Go in quest folder an search if u have cube.lua. You must edit it too.
  8. EDITED: Solved! I found a fix here, on this forum from a guy @Kroneees. Go to Server source / input_main.cpp Search: CInputMain::AnswerMakeGuild Instead of: if (ch->GetGold() < 200000) ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "You don't have 200000 yang"); return; if (ch->GetLevel() < 40) ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "You don't have 40lv+ "); return; Add: // 200k yang // if (ch->GetGold() < 200000) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("<Guild> You don't have 200000 yang.")); retur
  9. I tried othe quests too. Same result.
  10. Hi! Thank you if you want to help me but i dont use skype. Please write me in pm because right now im not at home and i will be available only the day after tomorrow. Thank you again.
  11. Hi. Same problem here. No errors in syserror. I read on another forums that it could be from config but i dont know what. I am using untouched sg files with 40k (mainline). Thanks
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