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  1. What do I have to edit in dragon_soul_table, i was comparing 2 differents files and still didn`t get it
  2. I looked after it for 20 minutes, didn`t find anything, the RUBY gives 300 defense, searched in all the file with CTRL + F and didnt find anything
  3. Hi devs, I know it is possible to change bonuses and values from the Dragon Soul Alchemy (ex: I want to add strong against mobs on the Jade or Onyx), do you have any ideas or can you explain how?
  4. I have 2 problems .... when i try to insert any query i get this error http://i.imgur.com/wqlkxwD.png i have put the zombie costumes from metin2.en into my server i make the item_proto,itemlist,itemdesc part but in game it is saying The item is not exist sry for my english
  5. At first, My answer will be OVH. (I'm not customer of OVH but I like their features) About OVH Gameforge's test server, Webzen & YMIR Games' developer server are using OVH too.Kind Regards ~ Ken gameforge's test server it's hosted in ovh?i didn't know that :))
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