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  1. go to uicharacter.py search: "PercentExp" and replace the line with this: self.GetChild("PercentExp").SetText("%s %.2f%%" % ("", float(curPoint) / max(1, float(maxPoint)) * 100)) good luck.
  3. Client binary: Userinterface-> Packet.h Server source: game->src-> packet.h Both of these files must have same headers, check them
  4. i had same problem ones, it comes from novice skins, you need to make them compatible with your granny version
  5. post your MapOutdoor.cpp , MapOutdoorQuadtree.cpp and MapOutdoorUpdate.cpp in different spoilers
  6. you need to add flag on quest when the player complete the quest, then you can check it in navicat->player->quest also a your example is wrong: the right example is this:
  7. you need to edit the hair with 3ds max, have wrong coordonates.
  8. in core syserr what it say?
  9. go to intrologin.py search replace with
  10. edit your thread bro and put all these in a code: search: replace with: search: replace with: search: replace with: hope it works
  11. problem is in serverinfo.py check at the end of serverinfo.py if you have this:
  12. Hello Metin2Dev, i use granny version 2.9 and all models exported by 3d max 2013 with granny version 2.9 cannot see them in game, i don't know what else to do Solved: Wasn't skinned.
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