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  1. go to uicharacter.py search: "PercentExp" and replace the line with this: self.GetChild("PercentExp").SetText("%s %.2f%%" % ("", float(curPoint) / max(1, float(maxPoint)) * 100)) good luck.
  3. Client binary: Userinterface-> Packet.h Server source: game->src-> packet.h Both of these files must have same headers, check them
  4. i had same problem ones, it comes from novice skins, you need to make them compatible with your granny version
  5. post your MapOutdoor.cpp , MapOutdoorQuadtree.cpp and MapOutdoorUpdate.cpp in different spoilers
  6. you need to add flag on quest when the player complete the quest, then you can check it in navicat->player->quest also a your example is wrong: the right example is this:
  7. you need to edit the hair with 3ds max, have wrong coordonates.
  8. go to intrologin.py search replace with
  9. edit your thread bro and put all these in a code: search: replace with: search: replace with: search: replace with: hope it works
  10. problem is in serverinfo.py check at the end of serverinfo.py if you have this:
  11. Hello Metin2Dev, i use granny version 2.9 and all models exported by 3d max 2013 with granny version 2.9 cannot see them in game, i don't know what else to do Solved: Wasn't skinned.
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