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  1. It would not be bad to make the same function for sash^^
  2. Hello. I need help. I need to open the quest window after a certain time in the game. How can i do this? For example, I stood for 5 minutes in the game, and I have a quest window with the words "Hello"
  3. Do, and then help me, if you do it. :DD
  4. On my old binaries everything is fine with DirectX9, but my new ones on version 8, and this is the problem with the text
  5. I also tried to change, you need to do a lot of actions, try to take some kind of binary on version 9, and check with it, I can only wish you patience and good luck. If you succeed, I will consider you a good developer
  6. The error should only be on the last resolution, in your case it's 1920x1080. I'm 99% sure that the error is related to DirectX8, you need to update it to version 9, try
  7. So in other resolutions you should be fine, including a full screen without a window
  8. Show the parameters in the config.exe
  9. This error is only for the resolution of 1366x768, on the rest of the resolution everything is fine, so this problem will not be either if you reboot your laptop completely. The given error only on laptops, I think though than that to you has helped. Would not mind Like me^^
  10. Well, I thought so. Change the version of DirectX to 9. I do not know how to change, but maybe someone knows, ask at the forum, if you find out how to do it, let me know, I'll do it myself.
  11. Go along the path in the binary extern/include. There you will see, you can also show the screen here.
  12. Change the version of your DirectX from 8 to 9, and you will be fine.
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