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  1. https://mega.nz/#!20lxiQ5R!tkYjtEG1n83rYn5He0o1rRx6XbzkVJjKAORqeQ6gcUE
  2. Well it depends on your files but normally at share/mark
  3. @akroma what i'm saying is that you can change one item value. But u can't change the other kingdom's values because it's always x3 (otherwise u should change in source). If you say that now they are costing the same in ur kingdom or in a different one probably u have something in ur server files configs that disable x3 price in other kingdoms...
  4. That's not a "value" to modifie... It's always x3... You can change it in source... File Shop.cpp AddGuest Function
  5. You are calling a function that doesn't even exists.
  6. Go to your server side - locale - (your country) and there is a file called locale_string.txt
  7. To help you i should look at your source... You haven't enought informations to let us help with what you need.
  8. Can you explain when it starts crashing the core and if there is any error displayed on syserr?
  9. There is a problem with your guilds symbols, do you have the "mark" (file in server files to guild symbols uploads) in the right place?
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