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  1. auth, channel1,game99 syslog : SYSERR: Jul 31 19:13:58 :: socket_connect: HOST xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:60500, could not con SYSERR: Jul 31 19:13:58 :: hupsig: SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGTERM signal has been receive SYSERR: Jul 31 19:13:58 :: pid_deinit: End of pid db syserr : SYSERR: Jul 31 19:15:27 :: pid_init: Start of pid: 863 SYSERR: Jul 31 19:15:27 :: Start: TABLE_POSTFIX not configured use default SYSERR: Jul 31 19:15:27 :: InitializeTables: InitializeMobTable FAILED SYSERR: Jul 31 19:15:27 :: Initialize: Table Initialize FAILED SYSERR: Jul 31 19:15:27 :: pid_deinit:
  2. After files installation when try to start game it says that : LocaleService locale/turkey/locale_string.txt log_file_delete_old: stat: No such file or directory Could not initialize thecore, check owner of pid, syslog I've already edited the auth, game99, channels, db configs. Thanks for helping... I installed my game to remote server not localhost. Also it works on my localhost.
  3. Hi everyone. I have a remote server on Digitalocean and also 34k server files. Let me tell you how i tried to install server files. First i installed mysqlserver and mysqlclient with pkg install. After i upload my game, mysql, libs and i extract server files. I edited game99, channel config files. But i cant do it. How can i solve that problem? I searched a lot. Need a help a little bit. Thanks a lot. Note:I think my problem is about my mysql file's privileges. As you know we give privileges to username(mt2 and root). "Grant all ...... [email protected]t" i think i need to edit local
  4. after reboot I wanna open drop with first login. But I couldnt do it
  5. quest oto_drop begin state start begin when login begin __give_empire_priv(0, 1, 500, 60*60*24) __give_empire_priv(0, 2, 500, 60*60*24) __give_empire_priv(0, 4, 500, 60*60*24) ) chat("24 saat arayla droplar otomatik açılacak.") server_loop_timer("oto_drop",60*60*24) end when oto_drop.server_timer begin __give_empire_priv(0, 1, 500, 60*60*24) __give_empire_priv(0, 2, 500, 60*60*24) __give_empire_priv(0, 4, 500, 60*60*24) end end end it s my auto_drop.quest. With t
  6. I need a item proto packer. My files version is +40k. And yesterday I deleted item_proto client side. Also game works normally without it. I think in database item_proto.txt works with item_proto.SQL for game but I m not sure. now do I have to create the item_proto or I do t need it. If I need can suggest me any packer? Thanks.
  7. I searched texture location but there is no info about it
  8. How can I add dds file to item? I changed sword +0 gr2 file and its icon. New gr2 file has a texture.(in granny view tool I can see the texture. But in game it is white and it doesnt have any texture.) How can I solve that?
  9. I have problem about editting and adding to item_proto. But I searched it and I created the item_proto.xml. But I cant create item_proto using item_proto.xml. Is there anyway to make it? (I tried to a lot thing to make it) or Is there someone to create for me? virustotal link = https://www.virustotal.com/tr/file/69bb06139ed8322e5bac1971af9aef64ffc4f82ba5d405fc767ce43a3bd9a72f/analysis/1442529839/ My item_proto.xml link = https://mega.nz/#!KMkQhCJD!L1PPRvlvp0hQyrsiTBhXnyG1CqcPxs4OAjm_HzCT5iU or can I create a file like item_proto for new items?(Also tables in database) or is there anyway to ad
  10. I downloaded the exp map in forum. I uploaded to server files in my map file on server and file permission 777(folder name:metin2_map_teodor_glade) Map Url: https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/6497-metin2-exp-map-by-siwy/ I add "353 metin2_map_teodor_glade" in map folder's index file. Also in channel1 folder and game99 folder's config file I added "353" on MAP_ALLOW line. I extracted root.eix epk and locale_tr.eix epk. In their atlasinfo file I added "metin2_map_teodor_glade 7544500 3566700 2 2" And I made pack the other new exp maps files(not serverfiles) with EterNexus. and
  11. First of all I have no experience about adding a new map and I wanna add this map. Its easy to add serverside files and editing file permissions. In the file there is a ymirwork folder and I dont know what I have to do with it. if you have any source about adding a map you can share me. Please help me about that. Thank you.(Sorry for my bad english)
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