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  1. I'm interested too, joining the "club" .
  2. My CMakeLists.txt: set(EXTERN_DIR ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/Extern) set(ENV{BOOST_ROOT} ${EXTERN_DIR}/boost) set(ENV{BOOST_INCLUDEDIR} ${EXTERN_DIR}/boost/include) set(ENV{BOOST_LIBRARYDIR} ${EXTERN_DIR}/boost/lib) set(CRYPTOPP_INCLUDE_DIRS ${EXTERN_DIR}/cryptopp/include) set(CRYPTOPP_LIBRARY_DIR ${EXTERN_DIR}/cryptopp/lib) set(MYSQL_INCLUDE_DIR ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/src/shared/libmysql/6.0.2/win32) set(MYSQL_LIBRARIES ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/src/shared/libmysql/6.0.2/win32/lib) set(OPENSSL_LIBRARIES ${EXTERN_DIR}/OpenSSL-Win32/lib) set(OPENSSL_INCLUDE_DIR ${EXTERN_DIR}/OpenSSL-Win32/include) #
  3. EDIT: I found everything I was in need by myself. Anyhow, thank you guys for your great work.
  4. Seems I can't find any working download link all over the web, they all got removed or DMCA reported. Can someone provide me a DL for Vanilla 65730? If possible with Lycan already integrated, thanks in advance.
  5. Hello guys, I'm trying to run a local server with FreeBSD 9.3 (x86 / 32-bit) and Vanilla's db & game ver. 67210. My serverfiles' structure is Maxmi 4.1 but somehow, after launching db, auth and channels, nothing happens! I mean, from console I can only see all databases loaded and after this step auth and channels won't show any text, in fact if I see active processes (by using "ps" command") I don't see any active except dbcache. syserr (db): SYSERR: Sep 13 15:43:22 :: Start: TABLE_POSTFIX not configured use default SYSERR: Sep 13 15:43:23 :: Load: DirectQuery failed(SELECT IP_FROM, IP_T
  6. Can you please re-upload Ymir's locale? Link is down, thank you in advance.
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