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  1. Check if it is on one of these files: https://mega.nz/#!CZAlSJrR!EokhWkgU0PgKeM_VZrZp4-8nI7u184weKWQRGblmXMM https://mega.nz/#!DhxDmQDI!BBfeDSbepsLSOf8AWKJLX6-QEyPdJNR0iWR0klOLkF8
  2. Well, I wanted to use both files, the bandwith isn't a problem at all. Also, I wasn't willing to load every single file in there, just a couple of them, so no headaches at all. And I'm pretty sure there is people who thought on the same thing, since a friend of mine did it some months ago, I just can't reach him right now, that's why I'm making this thread. I still didn't get how would one do that with RSA Auth, thanks anyway for the tips.
  3. Why isn't it possible? No.. The patcher downloads files from a webserver, this is nothing similar to it. The goal is to load files from a webserver, I mean, load them from a remote/external location. I can't get why wouldn't it be possible, that makes no sense at all.
  4. Hi there, I've just got one question, I'm trying to load a file from a webserver but I can't figure how it's supposed to be done. I need to change this, for example CEterPackManager::Instance().RegisterPack("pack/locale_de", "locale_de/"); To something which would allow me to load the file from a webserver (from a URL) instead.
  5. Hi there, I'm having an annoying bug while doing exchanges. When I add 2 or more items to the exchange window they get overlap, I can see only the last item but the other player still receives all the items that I added. Any clue of what it might be? Thanks in advance
  6. Hm.. Thanks for your answer mate. But, this is happening with players on the same level :/
  7. Hi there, I'm having a damn annoying problem on a Metin2 Server. Whenever a player is invited for a guild, that player gets disconnected... Nothing is shown on syserr's, besides the notification that the player has been disconnected.. I really can't get why this is happening tho, that's why I'm writing this. I appreciate any help attempt. Kind Regards, Mhyst.
  8. You can also write false informations in forums, like this one, Metin2Dev, so, what's the difference?
  9. With items of 1 slot space not happen: I could try to take a look at that, through skype or something similar. Just PM me if you want.
  10. It's just an optional thing to have on a server. It isn't an offline shop or something like that, but, it's always good to have something else on the servers, stop being a closed-mind dude and start thinking forward, just saying, don't punch me :v
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