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  1. If i understood right, like this i can make an quest to change horse (pony) to Powermount when using seal just with STRG+H?
  2. You added Soulbind or smth like that? pm me i know the fix
  3. How u got the Toggle at wolfman skill?
  4. Yes i cant login after a namechange cause i must enter a new name every login
  5. Hello i just added the new Interface to my Server, it already works on the Server i got it from without Problems. After an unknown Playtime of an Char im forced at every login to change the name i cant login cause after every namechange im forced to change name again this is just fixable if i delete the player in database table n just recreate it. Syserrs: SYSERR: Dec 4 06:47:05 :: GetServerLocation: location error name Test mapindex 0 0 x 476700 empire 1 SYSERR: Dec 4 06:47:06 :: CharacterSelect: name must be changed idx 0, login testacc, name TestNeu
  6. got c++14 flag atm so should be fine :)
  7. Thanks i gona try that Line 59 return vec_pkResult.at(uiResultPos]; should be return vec_pkResult.at(uiResultPos); n with this i dont get errors #ifndef __WIN32__ pthread_t m_hThread; pthread_mutex_t * m_mtxQuery; pthread_mutex_t * m_mtxResult; #else HANDLE m_hThread; CRITICAL_SECTION* m_mtxQuery; CRITICAL_SECTION* m_mtxResult; #endif Can u Post your AsyncSql.cpp aswell? Otherwise m_sem needs to be included again for noobs like me
  8. well i load from txt n empty'd the tables so all should be fine
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