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  1. Hi , Devs . I have a small problem in client . When i added " Unlimited Arrow system " , All weapons disappeared ! " Picture " https://imgur.com/a/SW7HN .. Thx For Help
  2. Fixed thanks 4 all , the way to do this is to put the mob file without gr2,dds files on locale/data/monster ...
  3. yes i have in mob_proto , and yes i have a folder with mob on server
  4. thx for this ,, but i can't understand you
  5. Hello dev's i have a problem when adding a new monster , all monster attacks is working but the special attack don't working all files of special attack is working gr2,msa i have no idea why is this happening thx ,,,
  6. Proplem was in Visual Studio12 i Download Visual Studio13 , and the proplem solved. thx all .
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