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  1. Hello friend for your problem you should search for positioning errors in GameType.h (UserInterface). Compare it with your game source value and edit if nessecary. Also check your locale/xx/ui/inventorywindow.py for any mistaken values on the belt slots.
  2. Im looking for an experienced person for fixing security issues in maxmi 4.1 such as fake logins port scamming exploits channel floods and more... Im paying a fair price!
  3. I have a problem guys my attbonus_wolfman is displayed as bleeding_pct and my resist_wolfman is displayed as bleeding_reduced... The problem is in client because when i wear an item with one of these bonuses my bonus page shows the difference in the bonus that i am equipping... But i dont know where in the whole binary or packs can my problem be... Please help...
  4. Please reupload bin i have the same problem attbonus_wolfman is displayed as bleeding_pct and resist_wolfman is displayed as bleeding_reduce
  5. Hello guys I have a problem, as u can see below in the photo my character has bleeding but upperleft thereis no bleeding icon. I created my own icon for bleeding but even before that i was using the default poison path in uiaffectshower.py the problem still existed. I checked the path and my .sub file and it's all perfect so i don't know where the problem is can anyone help me? Appreciate any help Oh and I almost forgot... I get this syserr I don't know if it has anything to do with the problem but i get it when i'm bleeding someone or get bleeding I don't know... So i show it to u anyway...
  6. Is there a system to add this to my source?
  7. There is no problem im happy to help :-)
  8. Hey guys after i add the sash system i have this problem Someone please help me...
  9. Fixed by another way but similar thank you anyway :-)
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