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  1. "Enviroment" button in Particle creator panel still not work. It should have the option to change the color of the backgrounds, or just adding skybox / enviroment file (.msenv)
  2. Hello, I'd like to attach a character footsteps effect into my server. The problem is with implement, cause i can't do that only for single client - because the .msa file provoke me to including this for whole characters with same class. How to attaching effect only for chosen players?
  3. Hello! Simple question: Is there any possibilities to remake effect or fog, in order to be together without white shining around effect? regrads
  4. Hello! I know, that this topic was processed a lot of time - but the world of metin still develop, and i hope someone can help me. the question is: Is it possible to implement speed tree model from 4.2 version directly metin, without errors? I know, that pepole will do this by speed tree 3 - but, the 4.2 library have a very realistic funcion too new tree, and when i try implement object through SPT3, then tree is going to deform. any suggestions??



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