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  1. Can anyone make a Tutorial, how work per .txt by adding new items. ...
  2. Hello Community, i design a Login & Client Interface, but how i can add it to my client ?
  3. Your HD Textures z.b Brick_021.dss
  4. What is the best tool/methode to crypt the client, so other people cant use my files from client...
  5. Get i anytime a answer?
  6. I like to make homepage looks like this https://asima2.com/ anybody can code this?
  7. Why write Shock-Industries is not free, its free downloadable ?
  8. Delete please i post wrong section
  9. Hi Guys, i hope you can answer me of my question. Which Metin2 CMS is the best, which should use?
  10. Hello Community, i add a new map but if start my client and try to teleport there, my client closed and i get this message in syslog http://puu.sh/kmz69/e9dca40fe4.png Please help me.
  11. Hello i have edit my map 1 red with WorldEditor. I add new Textures from Cryprime... I add this texture in the terrain.eix and add it in Textureset Map_a1.. But i cant see the Texture in the Game ? What make i wrong ?
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