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  1. I know that nobody make it for free, i dont write i want it for free, I can pay between 300-400€ for this
  2. I search for a unique Client Login Interface (char select and co). And a Ingame Interface. PN me, i have a good buget.
  3. Can anyone make a Tutorial, how work per .txt by adding new items. ...
  4. Hi Guys, i look for a finished Homepage like http://zintao2.com/ Please contact me and we make a deal.
  5. I dont want sell one i pay this price for a coder who make my design to code .
  6. I search a coder, who can make my Client Interface Design ready for Game.
  7. Hello Community, i design a Login & Client Interface, but how i can add it to my client ?
  8. Hi Guys, can anyone write me the code for a Page like this https://asima2.com/ The design part i want to make self.
  9. Your HD Textures z.b Brick_021.dss
  10. What is the best tool/methode to crypt the client, so other people cant use my files from client...
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