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  1. I've implemented the weapon costume + costume slot shining but I get this error while compile client src. Any solution for this?
  2. What problem exactly? I've added value3 but no change
  3. Isnt this the right one ITEM_COSTUME COSTUME_WEAPON_SWORD 2
  4. I've implemented the weapon costume and it works. The only problem is this: How can I fix it?
  5. Thank you, worked. But now I've got this error:
  6. I've got this error while compiling source: makefile:
  7. I'm new to src compile. I've got the vdi with the compile things. What I have to do to compile your serversource? Can you tell me? Would be nice
  8. Okay I tried it, but same again... Is it possible that that is an error in the sourcefiles? https://i.gyazo.com/e252bb3c214a2afa3c995acb516ac1d5.mp4 €: Okay I added the test_server command to the config, the chat give me that message?
  9. €: What I've done now. I've overwritten the data folder with older files. Same with the clientside pc2 warrior files. I've tested it and got the same error + kick. Then I tested it with a twohand weapon. The result: No kick, no error. It's only this race + one hand sword. When I disable CHECK_MULTIHACK in the config, I get no kick, but the charakter is doing no dmg.
  10. Hello guys, I hope you can help me. I've tested my pvp system today and found something, what is really wierd. When I play with a female warrior character, I can only hit with it one time. After it I get a kick from the server. So I looked into the syserr channel 1 and found this: SYSERR: Dec 31 12:50:27 :: GetMoveMotionSpeed: cannot find motion (name Testchar race 4 mode 1) SYSERR: Dec 31 12:50:27 :: GetMoveMotionSpeed: cannot find motion (name Testchar race 4 mode 1) SYSERR: Dec 31 12:50:28 :: GetMoveMotionSpeed: cannot find motion (name Testchar race 4 mode 1) Idk why the
  11. Hey guys, I hope you can help me. I am using Atimera Files as a clean system and edited it. But there is a problem with the auto potions. The pots are working but they are loading wrong effects. The mp thing is loading a vip sign and the hp potion is loading a purple shining, but the effects are right in the playersettingmodule.py. What can I do, pls help me. The syserr is clean playersettingmodule.py #ÀÚµ¿¹°¾à HP, SP chrmgr.RegisterCacheEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_AUTO_HPUP, "", "d:/ymir work/effect/etc/recuperation/autodrugup_red.mse") chrmgr.RegisterCacheEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_AUTO_SPUP, ""
  12. Hey I've got a question How can I compile this thing? http://puu.sh/k6Lvi/7567de4826.png Would be nice if you can help me
  13. Hello guys, I working with the 40k Files based on source and I wanted to add some armors today. Now I've got a problem: I changed everything serverside (querry, item_names.txt, item_proto.txt) and the files clientside, but when I try to give me the armor I get this error: /i 40909 - Item not exist. The syserr is clean. So I must say that I worked with the 40k files the first time, but why it went wrong? I hope you have a solution for me.
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