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  1. Hello, if you don't have the text separated, first you can separate it then add a new text and make it look like the first one. If you already have it without merged you can simply click and re-type.
  2. Hi, You need to convert them with grn.reader if i remember right https://gyazo.com/86e48ea359ba86c0eff32d76c6281b7a
  3. For those who searching like me : https://mega.nz/#!mNBhERhC!Cw5ewv6ncfp7aj2hijvDq7oEzZ8AGeYsNRfefVhSEcI
  4. Hello Metin2DEV community, As the title says I need a unpacked or normal pack files to use for worldedit, to design a maps etc. Couldn't find any in anywhere. Thank yoıu already.
  5. Hello, to texture MDE files, after setting up the UV maps if you export it as a MDE afterwards it gets broken down. What is the proper way to save it with its UV map edited?
  6. Hello, Check this one
  7. Alright, figured it out. If anyone wonders, can pm me.
  8. Hello, To create a shining do you guys use Particle system stuff or another one? And another question is how do we open .mse files in 3dsmax so that we can edit and do changes on old things. Thank you.
  9. It's a good idea to change manu's skin but color range looks limited.
  10. I did but when I try to login game it says that in syserr... 0902 12:03:07650 :: CEffectManager::RegisterEffect - LoadScript(d:/ymir work/effect/hit/percent_damage1.mse) Error 0902 12:03:07650 :: CInstanceBase::RegisterEffect(eEftType=264, c_szEftAttachBone=, c_szEftName=d:/ymir work/effect/hit/percent_damage1.mse, isCache=1) - Error 0902 12:03:07651 :: CEffectManager::RegisterEffect - LoadScript(d:/ymir work/effect/hit/percent_damage2.mse) Error 0902 12:03:07651 :: CInstanceBase::RegisterEffect(eEftType=265, c_szEftAttachBone=, c_szEftName=d:/ymir work/effect/hit/percent_damage2.mse, isCache=
  11. Hi Metin2dev users! Couldn't find anything about adding a new weapon to game. We have only 3d models and we want to create whole new weapon so we created item proto and tried to add models to pack but still cant see it in game can someone explain with deatiled? Thank you!
  12. Buying a 40k is not a great idea I suppose theres so many things should be get fixed. Who to trust? possible <- sure without any problem <- there is no guarantee but most of the time there wont be any problem. and if you are going to buy it then you should ask the on that is selling it to do it for you. Buying a 40k is not a great idea I suppose theres so many things should be get fixed. Who to trust? i said what i said bcz of this : if it is a live server then i do not recommend do in it directly.most of the problem is with the protos , since most ppl still use the protos from db
  13. Hi, our players having that "???????" error so much what we can do about that.
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