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  1. And Daemontower is lagging extremely at 6. stage, do someone know the reason? Thanks for reading
  2. I have an " 1 " - Server. Hard Oldschool without Pets & Mounts and its running.
  3. Done, i´ve found a coder, thx to all who offered me their help.
  4. Hello, Nice Trailer & nice Server. But i want to warn you, Kurlz tried to sell me your Webdesign & Clientdesign .PSD a few week ago, Next Time you better Look for a Trusted Designer.
  5. Hello, i need someone who can cody my new Metin2design to HEN! CMS. i also need someone to code my new design to my client. ( New Loginscreen, Charselect ) im paying via PayPal.
  6. Hello guys, I would like to buy an offline-shop system.
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