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  1. evils666

    Forever Metin2

    Hello, you could enter a password because the name of the tool will not accept. Regards
  2. Hello. Does anyone have an updated system for direct 9?
  3. Thanks for upload but I have this error, Can You help me? I would be grateful.
  4. I have error: undefined LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE8 Any ideas.
  5. I have this error: 15>GrpTextInstance.cpp(452): error C2065: 'kEmoji' : undeclared identifier 15>GrpTextInstance.cpp(452): error C2228: left of '.x' must have class/struct/union 15> type is 'unknown-type' 15>GrpTextInstance.cpp(472): error C2065: 'emojiStep' : undeclared identifier Please help.
  6. Hello. As in python, I can assign a key on the keyboard to a button pressed. So pressing the button in python GUI simulates pressing a specific button on the keyboard. Best regards.
  7. Hello, i have this bug: https://imgur.com/QXe6XVp This solution not work for me: https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/13515-costume-weapons-status-bug/ The problem only occurs with the mounts when I use the horse, everything works well. Please help.
  8. Where in the source there is a function that retrieves the values of built-in bonuses 1-3 (from item proto) and assigns it to a given item. I am asking for any suggestions. Sorry for my English.
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