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  1. Version of Files : XXX Hello I would like to build (just for fun) a Metin2 GF bot/hack. But I don't have any kind of experience with these kind of things (metin2 client injection... etc.). So I would need some guidance. First of all, if there is any forum posts about this, I'm sorry but I couldn't find it, so please share it with me. I will try to ask some question, and hopefully the answers can put me on the right track. 1. how can you inject or manipulate the values from the metin2 client ? 2. there is any library/framework already made, that can help me with this? 3. for what kind of stuff is the Metin2 Cheat Blocker looking for while the game is running? Thanks
  2. Hello to everyone, my name is Claudiu. I have used to play Metin2 some while ago. Since my Metin2 "retirement" as a player, I have become a developer... so I ended up here (on the forum) since I'm currently looking for guidance about developing some Metin2 related stuff (but I will come with the questions in the right section).
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