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  1. except ValueError: money = 1000000000000000LL ?
  2. 1010 08:38:21522 :: File "uiMiniMap.py", line 138, in OnUpdate 1010 08:38:21523 :: NameError 1010 08:38:21523 :: : 1010 08:38:21523 :: global name 'bgk' is not defined 1010 08:38:21523 :: def OnUpdate(self): import time,app global bgk nRenderFPS=app.GetRenderFPS() fps="FPS:%3d"%(nRenderFPS) gc=time.strftime("%d") aycek=time.strftime("%B") yilx=time.strftime("%Y") gun=time.strftime("%A") b=" " ti=" - " yazifps="FPS:" st=time.strftime("%H:%M:%S") text="Jakosc: " if bgk<=30 and bgk>0:kl="Doskonala!" elif bgk<=50 and bgk>35:kl="Dobra" elif bgk
  3. Open your system.py, then search: def __pack_import(name,globals=None,locals=None,fromlist=None):and write one more argument for this function, for example: def __pack_import(name,globals=None,locals=None,fromlist=None, arg5 = None):
  4. Hi, I have a problem but limit yang removed when buy something, I might add yang yang is set to 0 only visually but in the database, the logoff is so much less what I bought some item. How do I fix this? Before buy: After purchasing (item cost 30kk): After logoff Ty for helping.
  5. When setgold 2kkk is good, when and 300-400kk set 0yang. - first column 5555555...
  6. when compiling error: virtual long long GetStatus(DWORD dwType) = 0;//edit Im edit and no error. ss: http://i.imgur.com/8apPuBN.jpg help me.
  7. Im use K in bin client and not working. In base gold - bigint http://i.imgur.com/ccVYcLH.jpg
  8. Its OK, how to edit client? Its bad: sysser:
  9. Hallo,how to make the maximum amount of yang? Im change: char.cpp - long long CHARACTER::GetAllowedGold() const char.h - long long gold; tables.h - long long gold; length.h - GOLD_MAX = 999000000000LL, And error game
  10. Hello, today I started to play with the source and at the first shot went higher equipment all done as in the tutorial, but something is not working. Bin compilled db & game too. Sysser: uiinventory
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