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  1. Ich habe vor kurzem Max Gold eingefügt, jedoch kann ich mich nicht mehr mit mein Server verbinden. In der Syserr steht: SYSERR: Apr 30 21:12:41 :: Boot: item table size error Kann mir jemand helfen ? I've recently inserted Max Gold, but I can not connect to my server anymore. In the Syserr is: SYSERR: Apr 30 21:12:41 :: Boot: item table size error
  2. Can someone help me ? 23:38:22 - 18:10:2017 :: Anticheat file doesn t found
  3. Hello, Can help me ... and I want to reduce the time of items that dropping monsters from that source. They lie too long on the ground ... And when I throw an item down, it will last forever. How do I change this? I'm sorry for my bad English
  4. Upload ... you can look mysql_query.rar
  5. SYSERR: Aug 23 16:13:13 :: InitializeLua: LOAD_QUESTLIB_FAILURE(locale/germany/quest/questlib.lua) Hi, Can you help my with this problem? I' am not quest master and i have mysql 5.5.33
  6. Need help: questlua_item.cpp:679: error: redefinition of 'int quest::item_get_wearflag(lua_State* )' questlua_item.cpp:576: error: 'int quest::item_get_wearflag(lua_State*)' previously de fined here
  7. Once I started Ox and go with another character on the map, to take part in the event. Will I I kicked. Does anyone have the source code for this? Sorry for my bad Englisch.
  8. Good day, I have with the horse is a problem. Once I get on it and log out, I get a kick. And if I want to sign me, I'll be kicked again. Syserr: 1025 02:45:23130 :: TPacketGCCharacterAdditionalInfo name= vid=1258291278 race=2 Error 1025 02:45:23130 :: Unknown packet header: 103, last: 19 136
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